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Kiwi Furniture Movers

When you have to move, do it with Kiwi Furniture Movers

Kiwi Furniture Movers has a great range of services, but regardless of which service you choose, you can be sure that it will be done with the utmost care.

Complete service

Kiwi Furniture Movers was created from pure frustration in the industry when Managing Director Cody Hata, found himself some years back on the receiving end of needing furniture movers for a business he owned selling commercial and home furniture to both the public and also re sellers. The constant lateness, over promises and un delivering, damage, missing items, the list goes on, Cody decided to buy some trucks and have his own transport that he could manage so that the customers received their product in a timely manner, complete and damage free. This appeared to be a rather easy task, and Kiwi Furniture Movers was born.

Kiwi Furniture Movers are New Furniture Moving Technicians, as well as fully qualified and able to do your domestic moves nationwide, or wherever your final destination maybe.

The Kiwi difference

We at Kiwi Furniture movers have a simple philosophy and that is Under Promise and Over Deliver. In the new furniture business and as the Managing Director has a vast experience in retail sales, as a company we understand the importance of you getting your freight on time, complete, and damage free. We get it that if you don’t have the freight you can’t sell it, we get it that if you have your freight and items are missing you can’t sell it, we get it that if your freight arrives damaged you can’t sell it, we also get it that if the above happens customers potentially walk away which costs you a sale, and we get it that it is out of your control.

What separates us from our competitors is that “We get it.”
Man working for our pre-packing service in NZ

Why choose us?

When you choose to Partner with Kiwi Furniture Movers it is exactly that. We will sit down with you and your business and create a business moving solution that suits us both; otherwise it will never work from the start. From there we discuss all the fundamentals from delivery dates, days, prices etc., and tailor a service that fits both businesses to ensure it works for all involved.

Kiwi Furniture Movers can supply reference sites for you to contact to back up what we are claiming and these are available on request
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