Insurance Details

Kiwi Furniture Movers Insurance Cover

When you move with Kiwi Furniture Movers you are not only moving with us, but you are moving with our Insurer in case in the unlikely event an accident happens, you can be assured that your goods are covered, unless we have an arrangement with you that we are carrying your goods at Owners Risk.

We know from experience that there are so many pit falls with insurance, and there are so many options that you need to have covered to ensure that in nearly all occasions you will be covered and not stopped by the fine print. At Kiwi Furniture Movers we believe that we have this mix covered and well, and in English we will give you our definition of what our customers are covered for.

You may ask why we have a page dedicated on our website for insurance, and the simple answer as we want the public to know when they are looking at partnering with us for a day, a month, a year, and beyond that they are in good hands, and we have the bases covered.


If a vehicle of Kiwi Furniture Movers is involved in an accident, it rolls over, goes down in to a river, catches fire, or damage on impact to your goods. The answer is you’re covered!

Accidental Damage

While handling your freight if an incident happens while loading/unloading and damage is caused. The answer is you’re covered!

Damage to premises

If a vehicle causes damage to any of your plant or buildings whilst onsite, causes pollution, spills etc, The answer is you’re covered!


The above are conditional upon agreed values of freight being carried, excess can apply, (house relocation’s don’t have all the above cover, please discuss this with one of our friendly staff) but we feel that we have you covered!
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